Supreme Amplified Boostwaves Razor 30 HDTV Indoor Flat Leaf Antenna With RG6 Cable. Cut The Cable Cord get up to 60 HDTV Channels for FREE
Supreme Amplified Boostwaves Razor 30 HDTV Indoor Flat Leaf Antenna With RG6 Cable. Cut The Cable Cord get up to 60 HDTV Channels for FREE

Supreme Amplified Boostwaves Razor 30 HDTV Indoor Flat Leaf Antenna With RG6 Cable. Cut The Cable Cord get up to 60 HDTV Channels for FREE


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Multi Directional

Gone are the days where you have to point those rabbit ear antennas to get a somewhat clear picture. With the BoostWaves Razor Antennas you can get signal from any direction regardless of where you install the antenna. In addition to that The Razor Antenna is Amplified, which means that even if the signal that is being received is weak, the Razor Antenna will amplify the strength of the signal to give you a crisp quality antenna

Signal Inteference Cancellation with PureVertex Technology

This Antenna comes with our PureVertex technology, meaning that signals from other appliances, cellular signals, FM signals get omitted. Leaving you with a crisp picture and more channels. Built in Noise Reducer, which cancels noise that can be generated from household appliances, power lines and other antennas around you. This allows you to get reception of signals with low levels enabling you to view more channels

Easy to Install

Its never been easier to install your BootWaves antenna. Simply connect the antenna to your TV as mentioned in the included instruction booklet. Then with the included 3M adhesive Labels attach the antenna to the wall or any surface, whether it be in the kitchen, living room or the garage.

Paintable, Customisable any way you want

Personalize your BoostWaves Razor Antenna anyway you want. You can paint it to match your room decor, or slap on a decal. This antenna doesn’t need to be a sterile addition to your living space, it can now be a personalisation piece

How to Cut the Cord?

Since the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu in 2011, Cable services have seen a dramatic decline in subscribers. Consumers have been opting out of the heft monthly bills, setup fees and long term contracts for streaming services and OTA TV (Over-the-Air TV).

The notion of going from paying monthly for cable to paying essentially $0/mo, has become more of a reality for even the not-so tech-savvy mainstream TV watcher. Resulting in virtually every class of TV-Viewer can watch most of that they want without ever having to pay a hefty cable bill.

Before any-one tells you that all you need is a streaming service, you need to consider something else. While most of the channels on cable, do provide you with streaming apps, you simply can’t get it all. That goes to say for most major networks. However they are still broadcasting over the airwaves in HD. Simply put, you need a HD antenna.

Depending on where you live and what level of interference you get, BoostWaves has the solution for you. From easy plug in play indoor HDTV antennas to long range motorized amplified outdoor HD antennas.

You can check with the online tool,, what channels in your area you can get and what range of antenna you would need to receive the channel of your choice.

With the addition of streaming services, ‘the end is nigh’ of those cable bills.

You can also call one of our friendly technical support members if you need help!

Happy watching!!

What channels?

Depending on what area you live in, and what interference you are getting, the channels may vary. You can check on Tvfool what channels you can receive, also based on the distance you can choose the right BoostWaves Antenna for you.

The range of channels that you can get with any of the BoostWaves hangers is unrivaled.

Step 1: Connect your BoostWaves Antenna, for a step by step guide, check out our user manuals here.

Step 2: Under your TV setting, preform a Full Channel Scan.

Step 3: Cancel Cable Subscription, be warned this will save you money!

Steps you need to take

1. Check What Antenna you need based on your location

Check what TV stations you can get, and what TV stations you want to receive, based on the distance you can then select the right antenna for you. you can check this at

2. Select the right BoostWaves Antenna for you

Based on the distance required to receive the stations you want, select the right BoostWaves antenna

3. Pair with any Streaming Device

Pair with any streaming device to get a more broad range of antennas, with services such as Netflix, Hulu and many more. ..

4. Cut The Cord

Its time, cut the cord. Call the cable company and save money.


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