Rechargeable Plug In Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper Mosquito Racquet With a single swing you can help eliminate unwanted pests like flies, mosquitos and other flying insects disturbing your peace Directions: 1. When charging please use AC 100-240V 50HZ power source 2. Before using please charge the batteries for 8-15 hours. 3. Bug zapper can be recharged hundreds of times 4. When swatting insect, you can easily kill them just by pressing it switch 5. When the indicator twinkles this indicates that the battery has run out. WARNING! Do not press the switch or touch the net when swatter is activated. Please not not finger the medium layer net. Please shake swatter to clean insect carcasses. Be sure not to wash with water or swatter will short-circuit The swatter may less in voltage when in humid weather. then it can be dried by blowing with electric blower or shining with sunshine the effect will be recover soon Children must instruct under adult when using the swatter.

  • RECHARGEABLE: Practical and economical, our bug zapper boasts 1.2 V which can be recharged hundreds of times. Outputs 2500V in a moment. Excellent results for mosquitoes and other bugs. Charge batteries for 8-15 hours when using it for the first time.
  • EFFECTIVE, CONVENIENT, AND HYGIENIC INSECT TERMINATOR: Leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after. Convenient to use, just charge and go!
  • ELECTRIC SHOCKPROOF NET: It can kill insects when touching the net on flat surface without any of electric shock, making it safe to use. Swatting area consists of a special 3-layer net which can easily catch any insect.
  • NO POLLUTING CHEMICALS: The revolutionary rechargeable mosquito-zap;ping swatter racquet is the new safe way to deal with insects.


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