Lavo Home Professional Landscaping Gardening Tool Set with Bow Rake & Rotary Cultivator for Harrowing Tilling Planting


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Professional Landscaping Gardening Tool Set with Metal Head Bow Rake & Rotary Cultivator for Harrowing Tilling Planting Need planting and weeding in the garden and don’t have the tools to accomplish your goals? This professional set for the home gardener will complete your gardening tasks with easy. Planting seed but need to harrow the soil? Look no further than our multi-prong steel head cultivator. Weeds growing around your precious roses? remove them without a power tool with our sturdy metal head bow rake.

  • HEAVY DUTY: Metal head bow rake and cultivator will team up for the most challenging soil, mulch, and weed conditions in your garden. No power tools required!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Loosen the soil with the cultivator, and smooth it out evenly with your rake. Cultivator also doubles as a harrower if you’re planning on planting vegetables or flower seeds in rows. Three steel wheels on the cultivator head can be reconfigured according to how far apart you want your rows.
  • BE A GARDEN PRO: Both tools together will turn you into a pro not just for planting but for mulching around your roses and reseeding grass.
  • WELL DESIGNED: Cultivator features 14 steel teeth steel rake head, 48 inch handle and steel ferrule for strongest blade and handle connection. Metal bow rake will also collect leaves, hay, grass, or other garden debris, perfect for adding to the mulch pile.
  • SAVES YOUR BACK: Each tool is just the right length to help alleviate the need for bending and stooping. Designed to reduce stress on the back, muscles, and joints.


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