Garden Spade Shovel 27 Inches Long with Wooden Shaft & Fiberglass Handle


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This multipurpose shovel is up to any task you throw at it. Whether it’s digging a hole for your rose bush or a trench to build a fence, it will perform like a champ, regardless of the job. Made of solid steel, with wood shaft and fiberglass handle.

  • MULTIPURPOSE SHOVEL – The heavy-duty works for many jobs around your home or business, such as digging, edging, cutting a trench, slicing through thick turf, loosening soil for planting, and plowing. Shorter handle allows greater control during the course of your work.
  • SOLID GRIP – The D Handle Grip provides a firm, comfortable hold with two-handed control to firmly cut through hard and stubborn soil. Every inch of the gripping area has been crafted ergonomically to ensure a secure hold.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – The hardened shovel blade is made to last in high intensity work environments. The handle is sculpted using specially designed fiberglass that can prevail in harsh working conditions, and is able to take all the blows yet still be ready and upright for use next time.
  • SHARP BLADES – The finely honed blade penetrates tough soil easily and take your work to an another level of comfort.


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