Expandable Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer, Vegetable Sink Colander
Expandable Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer, Vegetable Sink Colander

Expandable Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer, Vegetable Sink Colander


A strainer is the type of kitchen item you probably don’t think too much about – until your strainer fails on you. A cheap, unreliable strainer will eventually melt, crack, break or otherwise fail. Additionally, a strainer made of non-FDA-approved metals can transfer a funny and unpleasant taste to your food. Even worse, a flimsy, poorly-made colander can lead to spills, burns and other kitchen accidents. You have nothing to worry about with this stainless steel strainer with square mesh. This is likely the last strainer you’ll ever need to buy. The strong, expertly-crafted stainless steel construction is dent-resistant, tear-proof and won’t rust even after heavy, repeated exposure to water. The extra-large handles allow you to place the strainer in your sink. This allows for hands-free operation. The colander will also sit securely on a countertop or other flat surface. This allows you to drain hot water and liquid without also having to hold the strainer, which greatly reduces the risk of spills and subsequent burns. There’s practically no limit to what the foods can be prepared with a strainer. Use it for draining any foods which are prepared with water or other liquids. Works great for dry goods, too. Sift flour, sugar and other baking staples. The fine mesh lets liquids flow through with ease, but the perforations are small enough to hold back rice, seeds and small granules.

  • High quality sink strainer with extending rubber-grip arms.
  • Adjustable Design,max length up to 21″.
  • Fine mesh basket captures even the tiniest of foods to eliminate waste.
  • Oval-shaped to fit into standard sinks; slender feet allow for proper drainage.
  • Easy to use and makes a great addition to any kitchen.

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