Corn Grinder Cast Iron Hand Crank Manual Mill for Wheat Grains Nuts Counter Clamp Design Extra capacity heavy duty manual grinder mill is easily adjustable according to whatever you are grinding. Whether it’s corn, grains, or coffee, this grinder will stand up to years of milling and is easy to clean and store away.

  • MANUAL MILLING AT ITS BEST: Hand crank manual corn grain nut mill grinder adjusts from coarse to fine to suit whatever you wish to grind.
  • GRIND ANYTHING: Versatile enough to grind corn, wheat, soybeans, nuts, coffee, oats, and more.
  • EASY CARE: Washes up easily in warm soapy water, followed by coating in light vegetable oil.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Durable cast iron counter clamp design lasts for years of grinding and milling.
  • GRINDS FROM COARSE TO FINE: Threaded screw in front of mount helps adjust from coarse to fine grind.


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